Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Morning!

well it's tuesday morning, i've got my coffee and blueberry muffin, and i'm trying to get my day started. i figured i need to write something interesting since my wonderful father posted my blog on his own and now people will actually come read what i have to say. ;) i guess that is my own fault, considering that just a few days ago i was complaining to him that even if i had good, juicy stuff to post here, no one would see it! <> there was a comment on his page that asked if we would still be blogging about each other when i move back home and the answer is absolutely! when my brother and i were in highschool we would i.m back and forth across the living room with my parents. :) sometimes its just too tiring to open your mouth and speak. ;) thats why we have tuesday mornings! well it's off to another day... i have a feelings this one might end up being pretty decent... idol tonight, beautiful weather, and a nicholas sparks book waiting for me in my purse! i hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Friday, March 27, 2009

baby koala :)

WILDLIFE officers have come to the rescue of an abandoned baby koala who found internet stardom by being the baby in a bucket.
The baby was found shaking underneath a verandah and “looking very sick” after its mother was apparently overcome by the ferocious heatwave that struck Victoria last week. "The mum had become distressed and disorientated by the heat so she left the baby on its own without realising," "They’re normally up in the tree together, in a pair, and we see them all the time."

"I had to scoop water up in my hand to get it to drink and at first it wasn’t very unresponsive," Mrs Young told ninemsn.
"Eventually it realized the water was in the bowl and it just climbed in itself."

who fills your bucket?

imagine your happiness was held in a giant wooden bucket. who in your life adds to that bucket and who takes away from it?

for me...

josh is easily the most supportive person in my life. it's amazing knowing that someone is behind you, no matter what, 100% of the time. he is one of my main sources of happiness and i am so blessed to have him in my life. always in a wonderful mood. also anyone who can make me laugh so hard i almost pee in my pants is a keeper in my book ;)

whether i saw my dad that morning or haven't seen him in a week, i know he believes in me more than i do in myself. my bucket is filled just knowing the love he has for God and our family and how hard he works to support and encourage us. i have to admit on tuesdays with dad my bucket over flows :)

my mom by far the sweetest and funniest woman ive ever met :) she has a heart of gold and would offer help to anyone who needed it. any mom who will sit and google-chat or text the entire day deserves some credit! my dad always says i remind him so much of her and i decided that if i end up being even half the woman she is then i count myself very lucky.

yes even my dog riley fills my bucket each and every day! no matter how busy i am or how little attention i may pay her, she is by my side every day loving me with all she has. the one thing in my life that will always be there for me ;)

its taken me a few years and moving out of the same house to realize that my jared is one of the most important people in my life. he is genuine, loving, supportive, and hilarious. there are few girls that deserve to be with a guy like him and i pray that God brings someone amazing into his life. whoever she is, she will be one of the luckiest girls in the world.

courtney is definition of a best friend. so happy and so positive that it puts me to shame sometimes. she would drop everything in a second to be by my side if i needed her.

joshua is a little boy that i babysit for. joshua has autism and has never spoken a word to me. he doesnt understand social cues and has a very hard time participatng in simple daily activities. he lives in his own litle world and i have to admit sometimes i'm jealous of him! one smile or hug from this precious boy and im a goner.

starbucks man always has a HUGE smile every morning. plus he gives me coffee...i automatically love him.

dylan is my parents HUGE 100lb yellow lab. makes moving home even more desirable ;)

there is an elderly couple at the YMCA and every morning my day gets brighter just by seeing this couple. i have never been formally introduced to them but each and every morning they smile so big and tell me to have a wonderful day!

my precious little kiddies @ the Y: every single one of them... best behavior or worst they make me smile.

bob- yes from the showgram. he's hilarious.

ymca's coffee maker- (aka joe) hm not a person, yet once again he gives me coffee. i had to mention him.

who fills your bucket??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

american idol craze

this is the first season i've watched american idol and im completely drawn into it! if any of you watch it please let me know who you love and also who you want to see go home! i have to admit i love kris allen.. adam lambert is pretty intense and minus last weeks "ring of fire" rendition hes been pretty awesome! danny goke (sp?) is unbelievable also.. his story makes me cry everytime i see him on the show. megan joy is beautiful and her voice is stunning!! those would have to be my top picks and ultimately i think id want it to come down to danny and kris...either one winning would be pretty awesome ;) i feel like a traitor since im from n.c. and im not pulling for chapel hill's anoop..i do hope he makes it far but i admit im not a huge fan. but blessings to him anyway and tonight should be interesting!
time for sweat pants, chikfila milkshake and some simon cowell ;) night blessings to all of you!
x much love.
p.s. tell me your picks for the night!