Wednesday, March 25, 2009

american idol craze

this is the first season i've watched american idol and im completely drawn into it! if any of you watch it please let me know who you love and also who you want to see go home! i have to admit i love kris allen.. adam lambert is pretty intense and minus last weeks "ring of fire" rendition hes been pretty awesome! danny goke (sp?) is unbelievable also.. his story makes me cry everytime i see him on the show. megan joy is beautiful and her voice is stunning!! those would have to be my top picks and ultimately i think id want it to come down to danny and kris...either one winning would be pretty awesome ;) i feel like a traitor since im from n.c. and im not pulling for chapel hill's anoop..i do hope he makes it far but i admit im not a huge fan. but blessings to him anyway and tonight should be interesting!
time for sweat pants, chikfila milkshake and some simon cowell ;) night blessings to all of you!
x much love.
p.s. tell me your picks for the night!


  1. Your first blog post... I was expecting something deep ;-)

  2. I totally went to college with Kris Allen's wife. She was in my degree program.

  3. samantha lee- thats pretty crazy. i cant believe they are married.. i was thinking he was pretty young.