Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Morning!

well it's tuesday morning, i've got my coffee and blueberry muffin, and i'm trying to get my day started. i figured i need to write something interesting since my wonderful father posted my blog on his own and now people will actually come read what i have to say. ;) i guess that is my own fault, considering that just a few days ago i was complaining to him that even if i had good, juicy stuff to post here, no one would see it! <> there was a comment on his page that asked if we would still be blogging about each other when i move back home and the answer is absolutely! when my brother and i were in highschool we would i.m back and forth across the living room with my parents. :) sometimes its just too tiring to open your mouth and speak. ;) thats why we have tuesday mornings! well it's off to another day... i have a feelings this one might end up being pretty decent... idol tonight, beautiful weather, and a nicholas sparks book waiting for me in my purse! i hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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